Currently serving beings of all gender identities who feel the ripeness of a shift in their lives and are looking to step more into their fullness.

People seek out support when they feel lost in some way, feel lonely or unseen, feel like there are patterns in their lives that they do not understand. Often it is those who feel unsatisfied in their sex lives, and are looking for touch and comfort, or coaching and guidance for improving their lives.

I work with people who are ready.
Ready to receive support, to make changes, to see their worlds transform.

Are you ready?

  • To feel more clarity?
  • To get back in touch with your body and your juicy vibrant aliveness?
  • Do you yearn for touch and human connection?
  • Is your creativity bursting at the seams ready to manifest?
  • Are you ready to step into your full empowerment?
  • To remember who you are in the expression of your truth?

Let’s dive in!

I offer experiential sessions based on what each individual needs in that moment. Pulling from a multitude of disciplines and practices, sessions can range from bodywork, coaching, guided meditations, cuddling, energy work, and more.

If you know there is more in life than you are currently experiencing, reach out!

Let's see how I can support you!

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What some clients are saying:

“Jasmine is always thinking of innovative ways to improve her client’s experience and enhance the continued healing after the session.”
Susan, 2016

"Jasmine is very well versed in her techniques and knowledge of the body and spirit while accessing what each individual may needs and going beyond expectations. She is very patient and nurturing, while reading what the body, mind and spirit is needing.”
Elise, 2017

“I appreciated her warmth, presence and open heart and how they shine through her eyes.”
Andros, 2018

“She creates a space where I feel safe and allowed to show up as my most authentic self. I am constantly in awe of her ability to move energy and channel exactly what brings me into more alignment with my higher self. She exceeds any expectations I hold every single time and I experience more lasting effects that I have with other healers.”
Courtney, 2019

“Jasmine is a loving, safe person who guided me in a nurturing experience in a warm and affirming environment. She is an authentic intuitive with many knowledgable tools at her disposal to bring health and healing when you’re ready to receive this gift.”
Dave, 2019


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